Tuesday, November 16, 2010

upstate weekend

my "i don't want to go back home" face. (photo by joe buglewicz)

upstate weekend: puppy love

simone gets her own post. it may be overkill but who cares. she's the greatest canine ever.



Noon lunch formation, United States Naval Academy

Blue on blue makes this Blue very happy.

No more crab for you dear father; you've obviously had one too many.

Baltimore: Obrycki's

For lunch: Yummy crab and funky lighting.

Baltimore Basilica

It was kind of weird to spend Halloween touring a church. Appropriately enough though, Dad, Maureen, and I did spend most of our visit down in the crypt.

Monday, November 15, 2010

nauseatingly adorable

We were fully prepared to leave the farm after the maze experience; that is, until we heard these little guys...

They say pigs will eat anything. It's true. The little fella above decided that my lens was looking mighty tasty and lunged through the fence to get it. I had to pry his jaws off my 28mm shortly after this picture, and it's been wobbly ever since. Thanks little black piglet, you're not so cute after all.

we gotta get outta here...

Emily, Esme, and I journeyed to the Queens County Farm for the annual corn maze extravaganza. As I am usually a human compass, I was sure we'd kill it in the maze. The verdict: the maze kicked our asses. After a fair few attempts to find our way out, we ended up having to be rescued so that Esme could get to work on time. It was an amazing way to spend a beautiful Sunday in autumn.

30 Rock!

Visited Rockefeller Center with family members who don't watch 30 Rock. My jokes were utterly lost on them; it was tragic.

a taste of new york

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Granny and Mom procuring street food in Midtown during their visit to NYC.

Wonder Wheel

Coney Island, NY

a few kid portraits

DUMBO Arts 2010

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Lincoln Road, Brooklyn

back to the BBG

with my beautiful, joyful cousin Elizabeth on a beautiful, joyful brooklyn saturday

columbus circle cool down


sheep meadow, central park

bambú banga

Big Bambú on the roof of the Met